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Brokerage Services

Buying A Home

Before the home search

  • Park 52 will review your financial position to determine the price most suited to your ability to pay and comfort level. Pre-qualifying will help you in the following ways:

           Interest rates are usually locked in for a set period of time. You will know in advance exactly what your payments will be on offers you choose to make


           You won't waste time considering homes you cannot afford.

           You can select the best loan package without being under pressure.

           Seller may choose to make concessions if they know that your financing is secured, and this may make your offer more competitive.

  • Estimate purchase costs, and explain them in detail

  • Explain financing alternatives to help you select the one best suited for you

  • Discuss home styles, availability, location, schools and any specific features that you desire

  • Explain the Offer to Purchase Agreement in detail as well as the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

  • Prepare a market report, give pricing recommendations, and provide an estimate of equity from the sale of your present home

  • Provide you with information on all properties currently for sale that fit your needs, including new and pre-owned homes, single family homes and condominiums
  • Prescreening is done over the  phone to find out if tenants qualify before setting appointments to show the inside of you property

  • Appointments are set with perspective tenants to walk through the home

  • Applications are given at the time of showing to encourage applying for  your home

During the home search

  • Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each home in relation to your specific needs
  • Keep you informed on a regular basis

  • Check the MLS database and with other brokers daily for new listings that meet your criteria

  • Prepare an itinerary and "tour map" on which all homes meeting your criteria have been located

  • Keep you up-to-date on changing financial conditions that may affect the housing market

  • Be available to answer your questions or to offer assistance regarding your home purchase

  • Discuss market trends and values relative to properties that may be of interest to you

  • Show you new homes as well as pre-owned homes if you desire

  • Signs are placed in front of your unit or community

  • Introduce you to local builders to discuss building your next home

When you have found your new home

         Prepare an Offer to Purchase Agreement and explain each detail.


         Provide you with copies of all the documents involved in the purchase agreement and financing.


         Provide you with an estimated cost of closing or settlement including points, title insurance appraisals, credit reports, etc. prior to the loan application.


         Assist you in determining the appropriate financing and help institution to handle your mortgage.


         Accompany you to the loan application if you so desire.


         Provide you with a loan application checklist.


         Make arrangements for the mortgage application (see loan application checklist).


         Coordinate any necessary inspections of property to evaluate the major elements of the home such as:





       Termite / Rodent / Dry Rot



       General Premises

       Subsoil Conditions

       Safe Water Report

       Septic System Report

       Code Compliance

       DIHLR Inspection

       Repairs per contract

         Assist in securing interim financing if your present home has not yet sold

Selling A Home

Park 52 will:

  • Work with you to determine the best pricing strategy for your home

  • Create a marketing plan to reach qualified buyers

  • Help you maximize the marketability of your home

  • Aid in contract negotiations

  • Help with paperwork, inspections, and other contract-to-closing details

  • Guide the process from contract through closing

  • Consult with you at every step

  • Negotiate and close the transaction within your desired timeframe

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